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Pulling Out All the Stops

In just three days Massachusetts voters will go to the polls to elect a new US Senator. It's hard to imagine a vote cast in the Commonwealth that will have a greater impact on national politics.

This is a great time to volunteer for a political campaign - the race is close and the stakes are high. With partners in our communities we've put together 59 events in the next three days.
Let's have some fun.

Somerville GOTV events

CSfC Volunteers Are Amazing

At our phone bank for the US Senate race Thursday night our volunteers, along with recruits from CDCC and the Coakley campaign, made 1860 calls to voters. That's an amazing amount for a single phone bank in a 3 hour shift. But that's just the beginning. To win we're going to need a lot more shifts like that. We're setting up new locations, training new phone bank coordinators, and activating all of our resources to send Martha Coakley to the US Senate. Stay tuned.

Inauguration Events and National Days of Service

Excitement is building for the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20th. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in the celebration even if you can't make it to Washington, D.C. MassForChange and MassDems are listing nearly 100 inaugural events being held in Massachusetts.

In honor of this national celebration of democracy, Barack Obama has called for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 19th, to be a National Day of Service. The Presidential Inaugural Committee has expanded that to include the weekend of January 17th and 18th. MassForChange is coordinating the service efforts here in Massachusetts, and you can also log on to the national web site: From that web site, you will be able to find service projects in Cambridge and Somerville. If you would like to host an event, contact Sarah Compton at MassForChange or log in to directly and click "Host an Event".

Don't forget that we are hosting an Inauguration Party on Tuesday, January 20th. The final plans are taking shape, and we'll let you know soon when and where the party will be held.


Cambridge-Somerville for Change is an all-volunteer community group dedicated to harnessing the grassroots energy and spirit of change inspired by the Obama campaign. Our organizing work includes electoral and issue-based campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Our members have chosen to work on promoting economic fairness, comprehensive health care reform, creating policies that conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide for fair and adequate access to public transportation, and promoting in-state tuition for immigrant youth.

This is an organization built by and for you, the community, and we look forward to your participation and feedback. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about getting involved, please email
or call us at
(617) 302-7324.

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