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State of the Union (Square) Watch Party on Tuesday Night

Cambridge-Somerville for Change and Organizing for America are holding a State of the Union Watch Party at Precinct in Union Square next Tuesday night.

We're encouraging our friends and neighbors to come, socialize and watch the fourth State of the Union address from President Obama.

This is likely to be one of the key events in the 2012 campaign and we hope to encourage lots of participation in Somerville.

Tuesday, January 24
Doors open at 8:00 PM 
Speech starts at 9:00 PM
Precinct Bar
70 Union Square, Somerville MA 02143

Sign up here:

Why should you support President Obama's re-election campaign?

There's a great, simple site that answers this question pretty nicely, with a list of the President's accomplishments:

Help get out the vote for President Obama in New Hampshire

Immediately after the CSfC Kickoff, the Obama campaign will be heading into its get-out-the-vote effort for New Hampshire's January 10 primary. The campaign is looking for a big Massachusetts contingent to knock on doors and make phone calls, to make sure people hear the alternative to the Republican message, and to lock in President Obama's New Hampshire support.  Join CSfC as part of that contingent!  You can sign up for canvasses on January 7th and 8th by clicking on the links below, and go to to sign up for phonebanks in Boston or canvasses in New Hampshire on Tuesday, January 10th. Thank you!

Obama for President. Warren for Senate. 2012 CSfC Election Endorsements

In November, Cambridge-Somerville for Change asked our members to select our campaigns for the coming year. overwhelmingly to work on both the Presidential and US Senate campaigns and to endorse Barack Obama for President and Elizabeth Warren for US Senate. The votes were overwhelming.

POTUS Stumps for Patrick

Over 10,000 enthusiasts like this CSfC'er came out on Saturday to rally for Governor Deval Patrick, and to see special guest Barack Obama. Refrains from Sen. John Kerry to singer James Taylor of "17 days" made it clear that November 2nd is almost here - we need to act now! Eastern Massachusetts has the weight to ensure that Deval Patrick wins on Nov. 2nd -- it's those who plan to stay home on Nov. 2nd who need to hear from us. So let's Get Out the Vote!!
President Obama stoked the crowd with his analogy of inheriting a car in a ditch. "John Kerry, Ed Markey, Deval Patrick, we put on our boots and pushed and shoved that car while the Republicans looked down at us, fanning themselves and sipping Slurpees, not willing to lift a hand to help," he said, to shouts of "That's right!" "Once we finally got the car onto to firm solid ground," he went on, "they say, 'great job.. can we have the keys back now?' No way! They can come along for the ride, but they gotta sit in the back this time! Everybody knows, if you want a car to go forward you put the car into D for Drive. If you want to go backwards to where you just came from, you put it into R for Reverse!"

Yup - put me down for D on Nov. 2nd.

Pledge Project Today!

President Obama has asked us to canvass our neighborhoods today, talking one-on-one with members of our community about his budget plan. The pledge asks supporters to invest in what our President refers to as the three areas most critical to our future: Energy, Health care, and Education.

Click here if you want to sign the pledge. If you'd rather sign the pledge in person on this sunny spring day, come find us in Central Square, Harvard Square, Porter Square, or Davis Square. We'll be there from 10am-2pm, and we'd love to talk to you.

Even if you can't come out today, we would really like to hear from you. In the comments section, please tell us what's on your mind. What do you think of the President's budget plan? How do you feel about signing the pledge? What are your reservations? What do you hope the pledge will accomplish?

What do you think?

Dusting Off Our Clipboards

President Obama has asked us to get back to our campaign-organizing days and go out in our neighborhoods this weekend to help him get support for his agenda on Education , Health Care, and Energy.

Check out President Obama’s message about the budget and what we can do to make sure it passes:

Porter Square, 10am-noon
Porter Square, noon-2

Davis Square, 10am-noon

Davis Square, noon-2

Harvard Square, 10-noon
Harvard Square, noon-2

Central Square, 10-noon
Central Square, noon-2

We're going to have an exciting weekend and we can't wait to see you there.

Planting Seeds

Over the weekend we've started planning up for the first major Organizing for America drive to build grassroots support for the three big initiatives. Look for an email about next Saturday's activities from OFA today.

Cambridge-Somerville for Change Inauguration Bash

Celebrate the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States: Barack Obama

Where: The Precinct, 70 Union Square, Somerville
When: Tuesday, January 20, 2009, doors open at 5:30pm
  • Watch the festivities on large screen TVs
  • Celebrate with friends & neighbors
  • Greet those you may have worked beside during the campaign
  • Food & beverage available for purchase
  • Creative black& white or Red, White, &Blue attire encouraged!
  • Stick around for The Family Jewels in the back room @ 8:30pm ($10 cover to benefit the Mark Sandman Music Project) or just keep hanging with us in the front

Help folks struggling in our community this winter: Please bring canned food donations for the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House, located in Cambridge's Area IV, to be collected at the event.

* Kids welcome
* Wheelchair-accessible
* Need a carpool? Please email Robin by Sun. 1/18 at and we'll do our best!

You can also find this event on

Save the Date

Unable to be in D.C. on January 20th? Still want to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama? Cambridge-Somerville for Change is planning a community inauguration party for the evening of January 20, time and location to be announced. Re-watch the inauguration speech and celebrate with us. Look for more information in January 2009. If you are interested in being involved in planning this event, please email Happy New Year's!


Cambridge-Somerville for Change is an all-volunteer community group dedicated to harnessing the grassroots energy and spirit of change inspired by the Obama campaign. Our organizing work includes electoral and issue-based campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Our members have chosen to work on promoting economic fairness, comprehensive health care reform, creating policies that conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide for fair and adequate access to public transportation, and promoting in-state tuition for immigrant youth.

This is an organization built by and for you, the community, and we look forward to your participation and feedback. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about getting involved, please email
or call us at
(617) 302-7324.

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