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CSfC Becomes a Chapter of Progressive Mass

Born out of the 2008 Obama campaign, Cambridge-Somerville for Change has been organizing for the past four and a half years to help elect progressives to office and pass progressive policies at the state and national level.  We have had great success, winning most of the elections we worked on (from Patrick in 2010 to Obama and Warren in 2012 to Ed Markey just last week), and even won some issue campaigns as well (starting with the 2010 health care reform).  Cambridge and Somerville are full of dedicated progressive activists, and CSfC's 1,000+ members are among the most dedicated.  Yet despite this capacity, the CSfC steering committee has felt that by working independently of any state or national organization, we limited our ability to have a broader impact.  For this reason, in May of 2013 we proposed that CSfC become the Cambridge and Somerville chapter of Progressive Massachusetts... and CSfC members voted to approve this proposal!

Organizing for Change

On Sunday, Dec. 14, 150 people attended the Organizing for Change Conference at Harvard’s Institute of Politics. The aim of the conference was to discuss the next steps in building on the dramatic achievements of the grassroots Obama organization in the post-election era. Speakers included: Harvard sociology professor, organizing guru and Camp Obama creator, Marshall Ganz; Obama Pennsylvania Field Director and current National Deputy Director of the Post-Election Task Force, Paulette Aniskoff; Massachusetts for Obama Field Director, Sarah Compton; and member of the Cambridge-Somerville for Change Organizing Team, Tony Mack.

At the core of the conference were breakout groups, in which participants came up with collective action plans around such topics as “building a progressive coalition” and “new approaches to national legislation.” We at Cambridge Somerville for Change encourage those of you who participated in the conference, and came away motivated to take those action plans seriously, to work together with CSfC in your efforts, because united we can achieve far more than with each of us working alone. Stay tuned for the next steps in how to get more involved. And don't forget to sign up for our mailing list if you haven’t already, so we can keep you informed of those next steps. Thanks.

Change CAN Happen

Hello and welcome to Cambridge-Somervile for Change! You are part of the grassroots initiative that marks the start of a new and different future, one where our great nation is led by a man whose ideals we admire, whose lessons we are excited to pass on to future generations.

In the simple words of our next President, YES WE CAN. We CAN make a difference in voter turnout by going door-to-door in New Hampshire. We CAN increase volunteer support for causes we believe in by phonebanking right here in Massachusetts. We CAN get to know our neighbors and come away delighted at how much we have in common. We did, and we can continue our efforts.

Through this site we hope to harness the energy of all that we can do. We hope to continue to build a community of volunteers in Cambridge and Somerville who know exactly what we can accomplish and who work together to make the changes we need.

You have no doubt heard that the outcome of the election does not signal the end of our work. Thank you for visiting this site, for taking that mantra to heart. We urge you to take it now into action, and to stay involved with the movement that you helped to build. Visit this site often to learn about the happenings in Cambridge and Somerville and how you CAN continue to make a difference in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at a house party, round table discussion, or other event in the very near future. Check back often for updates to the calendar.

As Barack Obama so eloquently said, "the time for change has come... and we can choose the promise of change over the power of the status quo." Together, we CAN be the change, we can make the world a better and safer place, we can buck the status quo. The election was just the beginning; this is our time.

Join the Discussion at

The Obama-Biden transition team has created a discussion forum for people to post their thoughts and comments about the question:

"What worries you most about the health care system in our country?" 

You can join the discussion at

Also, if you want to post your Vision for Change on this website you can use this Vision for Change form.

You're Invited to a House Party!

What are your interests? What are you passionate about? What changes do you want to see with the next administration? How do you want to help in your community?

CSfC has organized a series of house parties to help you answer these questions and discuss the next steps for our communities. RSVP to these events using the form below.

If you have questions you can email or click on the address to get directions.


Cambridge-Somerville for Change is an all-volunteer community group dedicated to harnessing the grassroots energy and spirit of change inspired by the Obama campaign. Our organizing work includes electoral and issue-based campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Our members have chosen to work on promoting economic fairness, comprehensive health care reform, creating policies that conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide for fair and adequate access to public transportation, and promoting in-state tuition for immigrant youth.

This is an organization built by and for you, the community, and we look forward to your participation and feedback. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about getting involved, please email
or call us at
(617) 302-7324.

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