Phone Calls for Criminal Justice Reform

Join our criminal justice reform team in making calls to support the Justice Reinvestment Act, a key piece of legislation to address racial and economic disparities in our criminal justice system in here in MA, in partnership with the Jobs Not Jails coalition. View the sample script/instructions and info sheet for step-by-step guidance in how to make the calls starting on Monday morning, January 30.
Sample Script/Instructions

CSfC January 18 2017 Organizing Meeting Issue Breakout Next Steps


Economic Fairness
Climate Change
Health Care
Criminal Justice Reform 

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CSfC January 18 2017 Organizing Meeting

We'll be having an organizing meeting on January 18, at Canopy City in Davis Square, to talk about the challenges and opportunities for progressive organizing in 2017.

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Phone Calls for Paid Family Medical Leave

On Thursday, July 14, CSfC will be making phone calls from the Democracy Center, in Cambridge, to voters, and passing them through to their State Senators.

The State Senate is planning to vote on Paid Family Medical Leave, before the end of the session this month. We'll be calling voters with HubDialer, explaining the issue, and passing them through to their State Senators to leave messages. While the offices are closed, a lot more voters are home in the evenings, and constituent voicemails to senators are an effective advocacy tactic.

Sign up for the in-person phone bank

Or the virtual, call-from-anywhere phone bank


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