March for Our Lives in Boston on March 24

On February 14th of this year, Nikolas Cruz, a former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, walked into the school from which he had been expelled and began shooting.

The resultant massacre, aided by the legal purchase of an AR-15 assault rifle despite his prior mental health issues, quickly became one of the world's most notorious and deadly school shootings. Cruz The shooter pulled a fire alarm and, amidst the chaos, proceeded to execute seventeen former schoolmates and teachers in the following six minutes, in one of the most horrifying acts of senseless violence that our nation has ever seen.

What happened next, in the wake of that horrific act, defies explanation has been a national inspiration: the survivors of Parkland refused to embrace victimhood. Instead they set their sights on change, on shocking the system that led to their tragedy. They used their social media savvy and reach to begin a long-overdue movement to reform gun laws in this country and end gun violence altogether. Thanks to the efforts of those motivated and dedicated young people, the #NeverAgain movement has gained so much traction that Florida, long a bastion of NRA support for 2nd Amendment rights, has introduced new commonsense gun laws that would make it vastly more difficult for weapons to wind up in the wrong hands.

But this fight is not over with just Florida. The survivors of Parkland have inspired a nationwide action on Saturday, March 24th, that will show the entire country that there is overwhelming majority support for across-the-board gun law reform. Boston's part in the March for Our Lives is projected to be among the largest such demonstrations in the country, and while it is student-inspired and student-led, adults are more than invited to volunteer and provide both personnel and logistical support for this worthwhile endeavor.

If there is ever going to be a moment where we can effect positive change to keep our loved ones safe from gun violence, this is it. Please join together with us as we make this a safe and well-executed demonstration of our solidarity in peace, to prove definitively that no child should ever have to fear going to school. If you can donate time, money, or both, to make sure that this event receives the attention it rightly deserves, please click the following links.

There are two ways to help today:

Volunteer to help at the event:

Donate money now:

There is a great need for event marshals dedicated to maintaining basic crowd control/movement, peacekeepers to manage counter-protestors and ensure the safety of all, legal observers, street medics, accessibility facilitators, etc. Whatever your level of experience, there will certainly be a job for you. There will be two trainings in advance of the event, this coming Saturday, March 17th from 10 am – 1 pm at the Boston Teachers Union in Dorchester, and the following Wednesday evening at a location still TBD. Please fill out the marshal form at the above link and you will be added to the email list for more details.


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