Tell Your Elected Officials You Support The Governor’s Ethics Package

After a year in which former House Speaker Sal DiMasi resigned amidst investigations of lobbyist-friends and State Senator Dianne Wilkerson resigned and was charged with bribery, Governor Deval Patrick filed reform legislation designed to close major gaps in the enforcement of ethics and lobbying laws. We want to hear whether you support the Governor's proposals.

The proposal includes the following reforms:
  • Expands the Secretary of State's and Attorney General's authority to enforce lobbying laws, and the Ethics Commission's authority to enforce conflict of interest laws
  • Defines "lobbying," increases reporting by lobbyists, expands "revolving door" restrictions to the executive branch and increases the amount of information available online about lobbying activities
  • Changes state law to prohibit gifts given for or because of an "official position" (existing law requires linkage to a specific act)
  • Gives the Attorney General greater investigative tools, including power to convene statewide public corruption grand juries and record conversations in such investigation with judicial approval
  • Increases penalties for lobbying and conflict of interest violations

If you support the Governor’s ethics package, please contact your legislators and let them know. The time for action is now as a decision is expected in the immediate future. A sample letter is below, along with instructions on how to contact your elected officials. Feel free to add your own personal story to your letter.


Dear _________________________:

Re: House #95 - Governor's Public Integrity Task Force's Recommendations for Ethics & Lobbying Reform

In the past months, I have become deeply upset by the repeated ethical lapses of public officials in Massachusetts. This goes beyond isolated incidents and needs to be addressed comprehensively.

I encourage you and the other members of the General Court to act swiftly in passing Governor Patrick's ethics and lobbying bill (House #95) in order to halt the erosion of faith in government. The bill was prepared and recommended in January by the bipartisan and highly qualified Task Force on Public Integrity.

With so many challenges facing the Commonwealth, it is important that you send a clear message that you and your colleagues intend to serve the public's interest and that you will empower the existing agencies with necessary tools to investigate and appropriately punish those who do not.

Your Name

  1. Click here to who your senator and representatives are.
  2. Send an email letter to your senator and representatives (email addresses below)
  3. Print and send a copy of your letter to the following individuals as well:
Therese Murray, Senate President
State House, Room 330
Boston, MA 02133

Senator Frederick Berry
Chairman, Senate Ethics & Rules Committee
State House, Room 333
Boston, MA 02133

Robert A. DeLeo, House Speaker
State House, Room 356
Boston, MA 02133

Representative Peter Kocot
Chairman, House Ethics Committee
State House, Room 473F
Boston, MA 02133

William Brownsberger

Jonathan Hecht

Denise Provost

Byron Rushing

Carl Sciortino

Timothy Toomey, Jr.

Martha M. Walz

Alice K. Wolf

Anthony D. Gallucio

Anthony Petruccelli

Steven A. Tolman

Patricia D. Jehlen


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