The Vote is In: Help Us Support Strong State Ethics Reform

In a recent membership poll, Cambridge-Somerville for Change members supported proposed state ethics reform legislation, as well as strengthening the bill passed by the House on March 26. Check out the results below:
I favor what the House passed as it stands now: 0%

I favor the House bill, but want the Governor’s change in the gratuities law: 5%

I favor the House bill, but want the Governor’s proposal on recording conversations: 5%

I favor the House bill, but want both the Governor’s change in the gratuities law and his proposal on recording conversations back in: 88%

No, I’m against both the House and Governor’s proposals: 0%

With the bill now in the Senate, CSfC will send a letter to Senate leadership and our local state senators urging them to fight for a strong bill. We urge you, individually, to do the same--the more voices, the better! Contact Senate leadership and your senator.


Dear Senator _________________________:

Re: Ethics & Lobbying Reform

Please act swiftly to pass a strong ethics and lobbying bill and halt the erosion of faith in government. The House passed H 3853, an important step forward. The bill is consistent with the Governor's proposal, which grew out of work done by the bipartisan and highly qualified Task Force on Public Integrity. In one respect, the House went beyond the Task Force's recommendations, and included excellent campaign finance disclosure provisions.

The Senate now has the opportunity, however, to strengthen the House bill by including two provisions that the Task Force recommended: One deals with gifts given for or because of a public employee's official position -- the House version inserts the word "knowingly," which weakens the intent. (There already is an intent requirement--that the gift is motivated by official position--and comparable statutes in Massachusetts and other jurisdictions don't generally impose a higher level of intent.)

The House version also omits a provision giving the state Attorney General power to record conversations in public integrity investigations, with judicial approval. This is a tool that federal enforcement authorities have had for years. I support including this provision in the measure.

With so many challenges facing the Commonwealth, it is vital to send a clear message that you intend to serve the public interest and support empowering existing agencies to investigate and appropriately punish those who do not.

Your Name
Cambridge-Somerville for Change Member

1. Click here to who your senator is.
2. Send an email letter to your senator (email addresses below).
3. Print and send a copy of your letter to the following individuals as well:

Therese Murray, Senate President
State House, Room 330
Boston, MA 02133

Senator Frederick Berry
Chairman, Senate Ethics & Rules Committee
State House, Room 333
Boston, MA 02133

Anthony D. Gallucio

Anthony Petruccelli

Steven A. Tolman

Patricia D. Jehlen


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