Participate in a MBTA Public Workshop with CSfC

The T is facing an overwhelming funding shortage and is proposing significant fare increases and service cuts in order to meet its anticipated budget shortfall.

These fare increases and service cuts are unfair. T-riders are being saddled with Big Dig debt. The T serves millions of people in the greater Boston area, and fare increases and service cuts lead directly to decreased ridership. A decrease in ridership means increased congestion, decreased economic development, and a loss of vital connectivity in our community.

For more information about how the T came to be in this dire financial situation, read more below.

Please join CSfC at the public workshop in Somerville. The public workshop is a chance to tell the MBTA how we feel about the MBTA's proposals and offer suggestions about how to improve service on the T. CSfC will be there to testify and to tell the MBTA not to raise fares or cut service:
WHEN: Thursday, August 13, 5:30-7:30
WHERE: Somerville High School Auditorium; 81 Highland Avenue
WHAT: Tell the MBTA not to raise fares and cut service
For more information about additional workshops, or to submit testimony via email, visit


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