CSfC to meet with State Rep. Jonathan Hecht

CSfC's Immigration Reform/In-state tuition Team is working hard on the Campaign for Educational Equality. On Monday Sept. 14th at 5pm, team members and CSfC'ers from Ward 9 (Cambridge/Watertown) will meet with State Representative Jon Hecht to urge him to support legislation that would allow immigrant high schoolers in Massachusetts to pay in-state tuition rates at local colleges, instead of the financially prohibitive out-of-state rates they are currently charged.

If you reside in Ward 9 and can join us, please contact immigration@cambridgesomervilleforchange.com.

The main reasons for supporting the legislation are:

  1. It’s fair: Right now many immigrant students raised in Massachusetts cannot afford to pay out-of-state tuition rates – which are at least 3x as expensive -- in order to attend UMass, Bunker Hill, or other public colleges. We shouldn’t be punishing our immigrant high schoolers for circumstances beyond their control. Eleven other states have already passed similar legislation with wide bi-partisan support. Massachusetts is lagging.
  1. It’s good for the economy (Part I): The Education Parity Act would bring over $2.5m in new revenue within 3 years (according to a 2006 MA Taxpayers Foundation report). The Commonwealth invests in these students from K-12 -- wasted investment if these students are then consigned to low-wage jobs (that limit their income potential and tax revenue).
  1. It’s good for the economy (Part II): 85% of students who attend community or state colleges stay right here in MA (according to a recent oversight hearing in the Higher Education Committee). As Baby Boomers retire, we need a thriving, educated workforce here in Massachusetts to help the State remain innovative and economically strong.

Ward 9 residents, please join CSfC in meeting with Rep. Hecht on Mon. Sept. 14th (5pm). Rep. Hecht is largely friendly toward the bill, but he still needs some convincing. Hearing from his constituents will be the key to obtaining his support.


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