All Hands on Deck: Final Push for Health Reform

Congress is about to act on the final health reform legislation. Votes could be taken as early as next Thursday, March 18. But there is uncertainty and doubt even among the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. We need to convey a simple message to them: Get it done now, and get it done right!
The plan: the Senate version of the bill will be passed in the House in its entirety, and then a package of improvements agreed to by both chambers will be adopted by the House and then the Senate through the reconciliation process (only 51 votes needed).
We need to push our House members to support this approach while working for the best improvements they can make -- especially on low income subsidies, the employer mandate, and the public option. And we need to push our Senators to accommodate as many of the House improvements as possible -- including an up or down vote on the public option. It's now or never on Health Reform.

Step 1: Call Washington
Constituent calls make all the difference.
Representative Mike Capuano: (202) 225-5111
Senator John Kerry: (202) 224-2742
Senator Scott Brown: (202) 224-4543
(Not your district? Check here for the right name and number.)

Step 2: Phone banks to voters and volunteers
After you have called come help us activate other voters.
Saturday March 13: (2 shifts) 1:00-3:30, 3:30-6:00pm, Democracy Center, 45 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge.
Sunday March 14: (3 shifts) 1:00-3:30, 3:30-6:00, 6:00-8:30pm, HUCTW, 15 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge.
Tuesday March 16: 6:00-9:00pm, OFA, 56 Roland St #203, Charlestown.
Wednesday March 17: 6:00-8:30pm, HUCTW, 15 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge.

Step 3: Rally
March 16, Tuesday (Noon at the Statehouse)
Come to the rally. Volunteer. sponsored by Health Care for American Now, MoveOn, and Jobs with Justice.


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