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Remember how just a few votes got Al Franken elected to the US Senate? Less than 400 votes out of millions.

Remember how just a few votes got Al Gore NOT elected president? Think about what that got us.

Imagine how you'd feel if Deval Patrick was not reelected by 100 votes?

Imagine how you'd feel if the sales tax were rolled back by 100 votes?

That could be you next Tuesday evening. But you can make a difference!

Now is time to join CSfC in knocking on doors and phone-calling to re-elect Deval Patrick and defeat ballot questions 1, 2, and 3 (No, No, and No!).

Just a few hours on November 2nd will help enormously. It could make the key difference!

Please mark whether you would like to work in Cambridge or Somerville during the last critical days of the campaign. Once you've indicated your availability, we will assign you to the location where you are most needed, and send details.

Sign up to help with our Get Out the Vote Efforts here!


  • Saturday and Sunday we'll be canvassing from 10am to 6pm
  • Monday evening we'll be hanging doorhangers (no door-knocking, just door-hanging) from 6:30pm onward
  • Tuesday we'll be door-knocking all day to get people out to vote


There are three meet-up locations for all activities on all four days:

  • 45 Mt. Auburn St., The Democracy Center, Harvard Square
  • 563 Mass. Ave., Central Square (next to the old Blockbuster)
  • 2285 Mass. Ave., the Coordinated Campaign HQ (5 minute walk from Davis Square)


There are three meet-up locations for all activities on all four days:

  • Davis Square, 21A College Ave. (Connolly Insurance)
  • West Somerville, 80 Electric Ave. (private home)
  • East Somerville, 266 Broadway (private home)
Just one morning or one afternoon of your time will make the difference between Massachusetts moving forward (D for Drive) or going in reverse (R for Reverse) for the next four years!


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